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In the
we will
greet death.

Greeting death
is not like
greeting nothing,
it is the greeting of

It is the dissolution
of everything
so you can
finally know what it
is like to feel and see
nothing but to be truly
intertwined in the
tapestry of everything.

Death is
that final leap
were we finally break
past ourselves and our
skin that estranged
us and conspired to keep us
in our bodies.

Death is like the
feeling lovers try to
attain while they twist
in the sheets hoping
to break past each
other's skin.

Life is the experience
of isolation.

An isolation that
never let us feel
the holy mother that
is the enveloping darkness
all around us.

Life emerged out of darkness
death will return us
back to that holy home.

Death is truly
a holy ghost,
a ghost of nothing and
everything all entwined once

I want to let the feeling
overtake me.

When I look at you
there should be nothing
there and that
would be absolutely

This is what death
is like,
to look and find

Nothing what so ever

Boundless glow
Boundless light
Boundless dark
Boundless love
Boundless compassion
Boundless nothing

Death has no bounds
it just sparks.

Death is losing yourself
to the very sparks
of life.

I'm a solider dead
in the dessert.
buried under the ground,
I seem forgotten and insignificant
to history.

The dessert birds made
off with my skin
but it was liberating
to see it go, to see
it spark life.

My bones lay
under the surface,
under the field of war
and state induced

Those birds that made
off with my skin arnt
bound to any of that

The birds live in
nature and everything
goes in no specific
direction and inspires
no specific plan.

The birds still see
parts of the machine
but they aren't pluged

In death we will finally
pull out the plug.

So when I finally
pulled the plug out
in the middle
of all this fighting
all this hatred
all this love

I wasn't insignificant,
in death we all
become significant.

The most significant part
of life
is when we die.

As a living breathing
human being, my
ultimate goal
is to die.

To stop breath
and let
my ashes blow
away in the wind.

Because the wind
is holy.

The wind is the
holy breath of life.

Death makes sure
no one is left

It covers us all
and makes sure
that we all touch and
that we all converge
in the end.

Death makes no one

Death is compassion
Death is love
Death is mercy
Death is holy
and gives illumination
to us all.
04-03-07 23:22
The sun must set in order for it to rise.
why is my dad republican? 04-02-07 00:25
I always kind of find it amusing how much me and my dad have in common. In many ways we think alike. We are both curious about the world around us and passionate about issues concerning the world we live in. but for some reason politically i find myself way out on the left and him out on the right.

like tonight we watched this thing on sixty minutes that talked about global warming. Global warming is always a testy subject with him and i. I believe that we must prevent climate change by reducing emissions and explore alternative options in energies and car technologies. He believes that global warming isn't happening. No matter how many statistics or other evidence i point out, he still believes it isn't happening.

This gets me frustrated and i start getting defensive and we start to argue with each other. It gets frustrating and we wind up in the same redundant shouting match about politics.

i guess he is my dad and we just have to agree to go are separate ways on the issue. but why is he a republican? lol
dreams are random 03-29-07 17:06
so last night i had this dream were i was hanging out with my girl friend and a friend i haven't seen in forever. We were just sitting and talking in my friend's room when all of sudden her mom busts in. Now in reality my friend's mom isn't crazy but in the dream she looked like she was possessed. I mean when i looked at her eyes it seemed like no one was there. It was kind of spooky looking.

Once she busted into the room she started to yell at my girl friend. Naturally I got defensive and started to yell back at her. At that point her insanity reached a breaking point and she lunged at me and started to attack me. In the middle of her attacking me, i woke up in a cold sweat.

Now I have always assumed that dreams have a deeper psychological layer to them. With this dream it just seems kind of random. My best explanation that i can come up with is that i have unfinished business with my friend. But, if there is a deeper meaning to these disturbing nigh time visions i think it might be a little more complex than having unfinished business with my friend.
I see a person walking in front of me and by seeing that person I experience that person and that person experiences me. This creates a certain feeling of personal history as if one were the main character of a play or novel. The personal histories that we all carry are what ties us all back to each other. I echo every person that touches me and I can feel the echoes of every person that I see. This vast array of echoes becomes absurd, merry surreal, mystifying, and screaming of madness but only the kind of madness that comes from sudden incite.
fireworks 03-10-07 19:38
A gigantic pool of streaming cosmic particles bouncing off each other creating massive explosions, and when you look at the flower and see how it sets off the fireworks in the great void, and when you smile for the first time, the feeling of ecstasy will drown your mind into gray colors set out in a pool where you mix around in the colorless shape that shows you colors you’ve never seen before.
03-03-07 12:42
A man's maturity consists in having found again the seriousness one had as a child, at play.

homeless men 02-25-07 22:23
Homeless man sitting on side of the road
It rains outside and he tries to keep warm
Many feet he sees as they walk by
And to the owners of all these feet
The homeless man is just another untouchable
His partner sits next to him
They have been together for years
He was there since the beginning
Ever since his partners arm was mangled in a train accident
He had to quit his job to help him through it all
And now they sit on the side of the street
They’re invisible and untouchable
But what were they suppose to do
I mean wouldn’t we have all done the same thing
magic show 02-24-07 23:44
Everything around you bends you in funny shapes

These shapes look like magic because it is magic

Just one gigantic magic show

Go outside and feel how you bend to everything and how everything bends to you

And you'll see the gigantic magic show
Hello, 02-24-07 23:14
Hello my name is sameoldparadise. I'm new to elowel.